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Why Your Support Matters

Vibrant cultural organizations bring life to a community, helping it grow and making it a better place to live. Artists in our midst allow us to see ourselves and our lives in a new perspective. When people choose to listen to dance music live in concert, to see and hear the artists in person and to feel the excitement of the whole audience, the memories can last a lifetime.

Jhalak, Jhankar, Jalwa, through our extraordinary performances, concerts of classical music, each year will bring together thousands of people who enjoy the experience of live music. Through our performances artists will get new opportunities in various communities year-round, & may reach beyond the borders of Canada.

And here’s where you come in. Associating yourself with Jhalak, Jhankar, Lajwa’s high profile, positive message and unique mix of demographics will deliver a strong message about who you are. Each year, we will do what we can do because of generous support from individuals, corporations and foundations who share our vision. We invite you to read on to see how you can be part of something spectacular.

Corporate Sponsorships – Maximum Profile, Flexible Benefits

Festival Jhalak, Jhankar, Jalwa will provides companies with an opportunity to create highly visible and valuable associations with one of Surrey’s premier summer festivals and a significant Cultural event on a national scale. It also offers an exceptional chance to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the community and its quality of life while at the same time differentiating yourself from your competitors.

This event will offer a unique opportunity to entertain clients, employees, and families in an occasion guaranteed to indulge their senses in the excellence and imagination of truly gifted artists and composers.

Corporate involvement is customized to ensure that the unique marketing objectives of each corporate sponsor are achieved. We will work with you to create a perfect fit. Our sponsor benefits are designed to:

  • Increase exposure and position your company within the community
  • Promote new products, develop new business and build brand loyalty
  • Create hospitality opportunities

Being associated every summer with Jhalak, Jhankar, Jalwa through continuing sponsorships can create strong, lasting impressions on your clients, employees and the public. Let’s talk about how Jhalak, Jhankar, Jalwa can deliver your corporate message to its audiences this summer through our highly successful Corporate Sponsorship program. Gold, Silver and Bronze level sponsorships are available for cash sponsorships or aid in kind.

Your sponsorship will be delivered through a generous array of benefits, including extensive placement of your company name, display advertisements, verbal recognition at concerts, special product promotions & hospitality events. We look forward to discussing other ideas you may have to reach your target audience and increase your company’s visibility in the community.

Hotel Sponsorship

Jhalak, Jhankar, Jalwa will be taking place each year in June /July needs hotel rooms for its performers. These artists come from around the world to share their music with Vancouverites and tourists alike. The festival is delighted to work in tandem with leading Vancouver hotels to create mutually beneficial partnerships. We invite you and your property to join this exciting venture. In exchange for complimentary and/or discounted room nights, Festival offers you association with this jewel in Surrey’s summer cultural life, plus the following benefits.

Sponsorships & Aid-in-Kind

We look for sponsors who can provide goods rather than cash. In addition to hotel rooms (see above), the list of items we need includes insurance, printing, airline tickets, van and truck rental, cell phones and radios, signage, courier, food and beverage.

Contact our Development Office, at for detailed information on any of the above sponsorship opportunities.

As a Corporate Donor, you recognize the value of culture to the city and are ready to make a tangible difference with your dollars. Lower in profile than a Corporate Sponsorship, your company’s commitment to Festival Vancouver will be nonetheless clearly visible to Festival Vancouver audiences.

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